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Did you know that headaches are so common that about 75% of adults have experienced it at least once in the past year? Yep, it’s that prevalent but to no surprise, headaches are oftentimes still a mystery even for doctors. But chiropractic treatment can easily give relief from it.

Headaches are described as a throbbing, sharp, dull, and constant pain in the head or face. But lucky for us, it can be treated or managed easily most of the time and are relatively manageable.

And if you’re someone who’s been experiencing unmanageable, chronic, or maybe sometimes debilitating headaches for some duration now Then headache relief at chiropractors Longview TX may be a good solution for you.

Types of Headaches:

There are a few types of headaches and knowing about them will definitely help in identifying the necessary remedy. Headaches that aren’t necessarily caused by other medical conditions are identified as cluster headaches, migraine, NDPH or new daily persistent headaches, and tension headaches.

Secondary headaches, on the other hand, are the types that are caused by some other medical condition. Such conditions like an underlying disease to a blood vessel in the brain, hypertension, sinusitis, or in worse conditions, a tumor.

Headaches may also be caused by head injury or trauma, infection, medication overuse, among others. So seek Longview chiropractic help, don’t ignore nor suffer headaches in silence, not anymore.


A common type of headache that has been affecting a lot of people young and adult is migraine. No doubt, this condition can be treated too by chiropractic care. So if you’re experiencing migraines then we highly encourage that you contact us for your appointment.

Migraines are characterized as moderate to severe throbbing pain on one side of the head. Some other symptoms that sufferers experience with a migraine attack are sensitivity to light or sound, feeling sick, or actually being sick.

It’s actually more common in women with a 1:5 ratio and men at 1:15. If you’ve been experiencing frequent or severe migraines then it’s time you pay us a visit.

Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

We at chiropractors in Longview TX are seasoned veterans when it comes to dealing with patients who are suffering from the worst of these headaches and most especially with migraines.

Spinal manipulation is one of the most common services offered in chiropractic treatment. And it’s also one of the best ways that we can combat your headaches. We will help identify the possible causes of your headaches and treat them the best we could.

Our practitioners will apply spinal manipulation so we can improve spinal function as well as relieve stress on your entire body. After that, we will also provide much-needed nutritional advice, diet, ergonomic, posture, and exercise or relaxation techniques so we can lessen or prevent any recurrence of what you’ve been experiencing.

It is not possible to describe everything through a single article. If you have more queries or you do not get your answer then pay a visit to this guide to headaches.

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